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Dubai Desert Safari 15 Must-Visit Places

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Are you looking for an exciting adventure in the desert of Dubai? Then look no further! The city of Dubai offers a wide variety of places to explore in its desert safari. From camel riding and sand boarding to experiencing exotic restaurants and luxury shopping, the Dubai desert safari has something for everyone. Here is a list of 15 must-visit places when exploring the UAE in your very own desert safari.


  1. Bamboo Lagoon: Located at Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, bamboo lagoon is home to exotic birds and can be explored on foot or by bike.
  2. Camel Riding: For those looking for an up-close look at the Arabian camels, this experience should not be missed. A ride into the dunes on a camel’s back makes for a unique experience that will stay with you forever.
  3. Skydiving: Skydive Dubai offers the opportunity to skydive over terrain often comparable to what professional skydivers typically recognize from extreme locations like Moab, Utah and parts of Asia.
  4. Sandboarding: What better way to explore the sand dunes than by sandboard? You can find many tour operators offering organized activities like sand boarding – just make sure you wear proper safety gear before getting involved!
  5. Bedouin Oasis Camping: Spend some time camping under starlit skies surrounded by nothing but sand dune valleys with your family or friends – relaxation guaranteed!
  6. Dune bashing: One of the most popular activities enjoyed on a desert safari – prepare yourself for some bumpy rides as skilled motorists drive up and down red sands of Ali Haftwalli Desert Mountain Range!
  7. ATV Tours: Explore scenic landmarks whilst enjoying an adrenaline packed experience driving ATVs across the undulating golden dunes & majestic white beaches near Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve
  8. Cultural Tour: Experience true Arabian culture by visiting local markets, malls & monuments that display distinctive Emirati architecture and design elements used in many world-famous structures!
  9.  9 Dinner In The Desert: Enjoy Arabian style BBQ dinner whilst watching belly dancers twirl around & enjoy traditional Emirati dances whilst lounging on beautifully hued blankets under glittering stars! With packages ranging from casual meals accompanied by traditional music, shows & dances all add up to an incredible night out if you’re looking for something memorable during your trip!
  10.  10 Luxury Shopping at Souk Madinat Jumeirah Shop unhindered at luxury boutiques like Turkish Delight, Gold Souk & Burj Al Arab while taking in spectacular views of Marina canal and Gulf water between retail therapy sessions .
  11. 11 Sand Skiing From gentle slopes perfect for skiing amateurs who want to try something new to challenging terrain ideal for seasoned pros – this activity provides rushing thrills every step away giving almost every daredevil an possibility unparalleled in any other part of world!
  12. 12 Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Palm Islands See panoramic sights over lush greenary palm trees sprawling golden deserts plains from altitude gently rocking amidst winds blowing high above ground-level experiences such rides provide passengers unforgettable memories newfound perspectives about land below them .
  13. 13 Horse Riding Trot gallop forward these beautiful animals through trails winding across deserts bring tranquility pure joy each horse expedition captivate heart with mesmerizing views Arabian wildlife sounds stillness natures can provide !
  14. 14 Quad Biking Rent quads go zip zooming bumpy paths expansive terrains push limits challenge racing against dunes scream exhilaration feel free spirited fun as breeze courses through hair moments visceral enjoyment !
  15. 15 Falconry Experience Handle soothe take pictures falcons see beauty elegance powerful strength these amazing birds close quarters cherish whispered stories behind wind grandeur sky rise once existed alongside nomadic cultures wanderlust unseen now seen immortalized modern times !