UAE Dubai | Desert Safari Activities 2024 | Desert Safari

UAE Dubai | Desert Safari Activities 2024 | Desert Safari


UAE Dubai Desert Safari is unique for several reasons apart from the fact that there are so various happenings that you can enroll in during this safari. To begin with, the landscape that you observer during a safari is gorgeous. You can continue to watch at this marvel with a camp vacation all night after a safari experience which makes this Dubai Desert Safari more unique.

UAE Dubai is unique thing about the desert safaris Dubai is that you can choose to do it through that time of the day that you enjoy the most- morning, evening or night. Nowhere else in the world will you find animated cultural programs to complement your safari evenings and nights with mesmerizing entertainment? The friendly staff guides, and riders who are friendly and professional amplify the desert safari experience in Dubai.


Desert Safari with BBQ Banquet:


  • Enjoy the extraordinary experience of a desert safari in the desert and feel the adrenaline rush as you bash finished the sand dunes of Dubai.
  • Spectator the fabulous sunset view and take part in various other fun activities like henna designing and camel rides with your loved ones.
  • Witness the traditional Arabic Culture with gatherings of belly dancing, shisha smoking, Tanura show and fire show.
  • Relish the BBQ dinner including starters, snacks, local specialties, desserts and beverages.


Interval:  5 hours

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UAE DUBAI 4×4 Desert Safaris:


UAE Dubai  gathering of dune bashing among the golden sands of the Arabian Desert will add the much-required thrill to your vacation.

In the evening, witness the most remarkable sunset of your life behind the sand dunes. Enjoy a enjoyable session of belly dancing, shisha smoking, fire shows and other entertainment shows. Other activities which can be enjoyed here while going for desert safari Dubai include camel riding, sand boarding, a BBQ gathering and more.


Interval: 6 hours


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Overnight Desert Safari:


UAE Dubai begin this adventurous session of desert safari Dubai with a sunset and end it with a mournful sunrise. Camp out and employ your night in the middle of Dubai’s golden desert inside a traditional Arabic tent, under a star-studded sky. Relish on a BBQ dinner including the local specialties with a range of choices. Relax by the bonfire watching the outstanding Belly Dance session, Fire Shows and many other dance performances.

Interval: 9 hours


Hummer Desert Safari:

 UAE Dubai Ride a 4×4 Hummer and sail your way through some of the most melodramatic as well as scenic sand dunes of the Arabian Desert. Witness the sunset of the desert and bash through the huge dunes to enjoy the best of desert safari tours in Dubai

Add more fun and excitement to the day with taking part in happenings like sand boarding and camel rides. Banquet on the delicious flavors of Arabian cooking and enjoy a BBQ dinner loaded with local specialties.

Interval: 6 Hours

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Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari:

 UAE Dubai Desert Safari clips the panoramic views of the Arabian Desert from high above as you take a hot air balloon ride. Get mesmerized right away as the balloon takes off and watch the sunrise last the Hajar Mountains. From such a great height, watch the vast desert and many local animals like Oryx and gazelles roaming at a distance. Head to a traditional Bedouin Tent after your flight and enjoyment the delicious morning breakfast, which is a must contain in every desert safari tours in Dubai.

Interval: 4 Hours

How to Book: Hot Air Balloon Ride Dubai


Evening Desert Safari:


UAE Dubai Desert Safari Get up close with the desert of Dubai and spend an evening crossing through the vast dunes of sand. Gaze at the fabulous sun setting behind the Hajar Mountains. Explore deeper into the Arabian traditions with 7 remarkable performances by local tenora dancers with the fire dance and the belly dance. Add more adventure to your desert safari in Dubai with the sessions of sand boarding, dune bashing and a camel safari. Get an insight of the local and traditional lifestyle by wearing the traditional dress, shisha smoking, henna art gathering and BBQ food.

Interval: 6 hours


Morning Desert Safari:

Desert Safari spectator the morning glory of the Arabian Desert as you take up a session of morning desert safari in Dubai. Begin the refreshing day with the views of sun glancing from behind the glittery dunes. Hit the rolling sand dunes as you spoil in dune bashing, one of the most thrilling desert adventures. To feel more thrilled and relaxed on your desert safari tour in Dubai, you can also take up a session of quad biking, sand boarding and camel safari.

Interval: 3 Hours


Camel Safari in Dubai:


UAE Dubai Desert Safari ride the traditional Arabian vehicle – the Camel, and traverse through the vast area of rolling sand dunes. Trip on the back of the “ship of the desert” and reach the places where other motor vehicles can rarely reach. For more fun, get dressed up in the traditional outfit and feel like a sheikh roaming in the endless desert. Make sure to click as many photographs you can to make this desert safari in Dubai a perfect memory.

Operational hours: 3:00 PM

Interval: 6 Hours


Star Gazing and Private Night Safari:

UAE Dubai travel the vast desert around Dubai during the nighttime and spend the night camping in comfy tents. Enjoy some close moments with your loved ones on this private desert safari tour in Dubai. Camp under the blanket of stars and watch the collections shining from far away. Bring your personal telescopes and binoculars to make this activity even more fun.

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Desert Safari Dubai timings and facilities available:

UAE Dubai Desert Safaris available in different kinds are:

Evening Desert Safari opens among 03.30 p.m. to 09.30 p.m.
Hummer Desert Safari which is open to people 24 hours.
Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari is open only in the morning starting at 04.30 a.m.
Morning Desert Safari which as the name suggests can be done first in the mornings throughout sunrise.
Camel Safari is open from 08.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.
Overnight Desert Safari which is showed post-sunset.
Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner originates in the afternoon and ends after a BBQ dinner
4×4 Desert Safari.
Private Night Safari and Stargazing begins when sunset.

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