Camel ride | Camel ride safari Dubai | Camel trekking Dubai

Camel ride safari Dubai

Camel ride safari Dubai is the most thrilling and full of excitement and you can explore the beauty of the fantastic Camel ride safari Dubai desert. You can feel more pleasant during a camel ride safari Dubai with the resident wildlife. Riding a camel allows you to step back in time a time without vehicles, a time without huge noise, a time when simplicity was a way of life and not a choice. It allows you the opportunity to experience the desert and the emptiness the way it was recognized before modernization silent and untouched.

camel ride | camel ride safari dubai | camel trekking dubai

Our resident 80 year old Bedouin often reminds us about riding a camel and says it is the thing he misses most from life before the modernization of Dubai. When people visit camel ride safari Dubai they have a set list of things that need to be seen or experienced. Seeing the Dubai Fountains going up the Burj Khalifa gazing at the Burj Al Arab and going on a desert safari are some of the highlights that everyone wants to experience. Few people however realize that a desert safari can also be experienced on the back of a camel. A camel ride Dubai can be as simple as just riding a camel or made into an experience of a lifetime.

Camel ride safari Dubai Tours

Camel ride safari Dubai tours are the most traditional way to explore the Dubai desert. Traverse the desert on a traditional camel convoy and experience why nomadic Bedouin depends on these endearing animals. We follow strict animal welfare guidelines and only offer proper Camel ride Safari in Dubai. Known as the ships of the desert due to the ease at which they elegantly stalk across the desert sands, camels are the oldest modes of transport in the desert. As the Arabian sun sets behind the dunes, sit back and relax taking in the remarkable views of the desert. Get great photo opportunities with the falcons before heading to an actual gently lit Bedouin camp inside a private Royal desert retreat.

Camel ride Safari Dubai Adventure

Camel ride safari Dubai Camels are assumed to be old Rolls Royce of the desert. People in the old times used camels either for trading or for transporting goods from one place to another. Camel trekking Dubai is always done in groups otherwise known as convoys. Camels endure the strong winds in the desert thus assigned as the ‘ship of the desert.’

Their ability and strength to go far distances for a long time without food and water made these wonderful creatures so sensitive and a part of the Arabic tradition. Experience how people in the early days cross each emirate to find a new place for residence and trading. Then proceed to a Bedouin camp for a memorable Evening Desert Safari after camel ride safari.

Camel ride safari Dubai deals

Camel ride safari Dubai offers a unique riding experience like no other. It cannot be compared to horse riding as the way you mount, the seat and the riding experience all differ. Seeing as it is nothing like horse riding, even experienced riders find this thrilling. Most people keep on talking about the Highlights of a camel trekking Dubai can’t be simply expressed however; it is the precise track back in time changes that makes this the unsung hero in Dubai.camel ride | camel ride safari dubai | camel trekking dubai

Those moments that can’t be expressed but felt are why a camel safari is a must to do in Dubai. People usually fall in love with not only the experience but with the camels themselves. These lovable individuals can only really be appreciated and loved up close and personal. They are gentle and extremely sweet animals and are easily loved and respected by all.

Camel ride safari Dubai offers

Camel ride safari Dubai Ride the camel through the dunes of the Dubai desert while enjoying the view of sunrise over the golden landscapes of the desert. A unique experience that you will never forget. By riding a camel trekking Dubai you can take beautiful pictures. This trip takes you to the Bedouin camp where Arabic Qahwa, Luquaimat and soft drinks are served as a sign of welcome. You can dress up in kanadora and Abaya, the traditional clothing. Take pictures and enjoy this beautiful feeling.

Camel ride safari Dubai falcon show

After the camel ride safari Dubai of 45-minute long you also have the opportunity to observe a falcon show to see how the Bedouins used to hunt and train their trusted hunting colleague. Trying to spot some Arabian oryx and gazelles will all be part of your camel safari. Experience a remarkable part of Emirati culture at a professional falcon show. Watch these admired birds fly to a lure and reach full speeds up to 390km/h.  A lavish dinner of Emirati cuisine and Bedouin culture will await you after Camel ride Dubai once the sun sets on your track back in time in a traditional Bedouin camp built on top of a dune.

 Camel ride safari Dubai Experience

Camel ride safari Dubai Riding a camel in the Dubai desert provides an unforgettable experience! It is a great way to explore the stunning desert landscape and get a unique insight into the culture of the United Arab Emirates. A camel trekking Dubai in the desert can be thrilling as you traverse the dunes and take in the breathtaking views. The experience is even more remarkable when you explore the desert environment with a local guide.camel ride | camel ride safari dubai | camel trekking dubai

When you book a desert safari, one of the many activities you can choose to do is go on a camel ride Dubai. If you’ve never been on a camel before, here’s what you can expect: First, you will be mounted on the camel. The guide will help you settle and be there to hold onto the reins. The camel will then stand up, and you’ll feel like you’re going to fall off! But don’t worry; you’ll be securely strapped in.

Once the Camel ride safari Dubai, camel trekking Dubai, camel trekking safari, camel ride safari, sunset camel ride Dubai, camel trekking safari Dubai, camel ride safari Dubai booking  starts it will be a bumpy ride. You’ll bounce around a lot, so hold on tight! The good news is that camels are very sure-footed, so even though it feels like you’re going to fall off at any moment, they rarely do.

Is camel ride safari Dubai safe

Camel ride safari Dubai Yes, camel riding is a hundred percent safe, especially when you are going as part of a desert safari. Desert safari providers strive to ensure their safety throughout the journey. A guide will give you instructions for the camel trekking Dubai and accompany you. So, no need to worry. Sit back and enjoy. People of all ages can try it. Let your children know the fun of riding a camel. This is a chance that seldom comes to you. Make sure that all of your family try this fascinating adventure.

Camel ride safari Dubai cultural elements

Camel ride safari Dubai ,Camel trekking, camel safari, Desert Safari camel ride, camel ride safari price, camel safari, Camel trekking dubai booking typically includes a range of cultural elements that represent the fascinating history, folklore, and traditions of the Arabian Peninsula. Traditional music and dance performances are often part of the experience. They may include everything from belly dancers and dervish whirling to oud music and Arabic songs.

A traditional Arabian meal is usually part of the experience as well in camel ride Dubai. A camel-meat stew, rice, and bread are typically served, accompanied by freshly prepared salads, appetizers, and desserts. The meal often features flavors reflective of the local cuisine, such as saffron, cumin, coriander, and other spices and herbs.



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