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Desert Safari Dubai

Overview of Amazing Desert Safari Dubai

The Desert Safari Dubai experience is a combination of many delightful activities. One of them is a roller coaster ride on a 4×4 Land Cruiser in Desert Safari Dubai . It is also about the visual delight of the sun going down at the angle of red dunes and red sky an unmissable view of Desert Safari Dubai. As a family outdoor activity it contains great food and live entertainment. VIP Dubai safari tour is much more than just dune bashing. You may choose to beautify your visit to the desert with some more adventure sports like sand boarding or quad biking.

After you’ve had your share of a thrilling adrenaline rush it’s time to rest in a camp deep in the Dubai sand dune tour. There’s not a boring moment at the camp as you are entertained by charming shows of belly dance and a Tanura performance. You may also go for a ride on a friendly camel. Your trip to the desert isn’t complete without lavish food. Well the best desert Safari Dubai certainly doesn’t disappoint you. The lavish BBQ spread serves tasty cuisine both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Every dish is truly amazing.

Pro points of Desert Safari Dubai

The huge expanse of the Desert Safari Dubai is worth seeing. The golden dunes expanding as far as a human eye can witness produce a strange landscape that is perfect for photography and nature lovers. Desert Safari Dubai presents a wonderful opportunity to absorb Emirati culture. From traditional dance performances with background music to experiencing Nomadic people’s hospitality tourists attain a perception of the lavish inheritance of the area. Sandboarding, dune bashing, and camel riding are just some exciting activities offered in VIP Dubai safari tour. These experiences help adventure lovers search for an adrenalin rush in a traditional setting.

The open skyline of the desert gives an unexampled display of the sunset. Watching the sun dip beneath the dunes in the range of warm colors is a memorable experience. Far away from the city lights the best desert safari Dubai presents extra fantasizing chances. The clear and bright night sky looks like a canvas for collections and heavenly marvels.

The travelers who are interested in this activity are provided with telescopes to have a clear view of the constellations. Travelers are served delicious traditional Arabian desert adventures food items at desert camps to give them delight. Tourists can taste different tasty dishes such as juicy kebabs, grilled meats, falafel, shawarma, and hummus. Travelers enjoy these cuisines during many entertainments like traditional dance performances with background music. Skilled chefs prepare these food items to serve the travelers.

Types of Best Desert Safari Dubai

The Morning Desert Safari Dubai is for busy people who are busy for a time. The morning desert safari Dubai starts early in the morning. You will be taken to the Dubai desert waking up to a wonderful morning. In the morning the sand in the Dubai desert is just losing its night moisture and the display on your window is a pure thrill. The VIP Dubai safari tour driver skillfully operates the vehicles across the dunes. Add more fun to your morning safari Arabian desert adventures by doing sandboarding, camel rides, and quad biking.

Evening safari is Dubai’s most demanded outdoor activity as it has all the components that make Dubai famous. The evening desert safari Dubai has the right mix of activities that make a family trip great fun. It has dune bashing on a 4×4 Land cruiser an experience watching the sunset in the huge expanse of best desert safari Dubai fun activities like sandboarding and camel rides and live entertainment. Finally, it has a famous BBQ dinner.

Imagine spending a night under the twinkling desert stars in the heart of the Dubai sand dune tour during the Overnight Desert Safari. It’s an ideal adventure that takes your desert safari vip package experience to a whole new level. The overnight stay in the tent at the campsite is special and different. You will have a nice bonfire near your tent where you will be served hot tea, coffee, and sheesha.

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