Overnight Desert Safari

Overview of overnight desert safari

Overnight desert safari is a general tourist program that allows tourists to experience overnight desert safari the beauty and adventure of the desert at night. Overnight desert safari exclusive experience naturally includes activities such as riding in dunes with camel riding sandboarding and an outmoded Arabian desert adventures famous dinner.

One of the main tourist attractions of overnight desert safari is dune exploit where members trip in 4×4 vehicles driven by skilled drivers over the sand hills at high speeds. Another current activity on an overnight desert safari is a camel ride anywhere visitors can ride on the backbone of a camel and discover the sandy desert site.

After a day of thrilling events visitors can relax and calm down at the Dubai desert safari location camp anywhere they canister enjoy an old style Arabian batter dinner below the stars. In the evening tourists can enjoy traditional Arabic language music and party acts such as belly dancing and other famous shows.

This social experience offers a foretaste of interest in the amusing tradition of the Arabian culture and offers an outstanding and immersive adventure for visitors. Desert safari Dubai location is the best adventure for anyone visiting the desert knowing. With its stimulating activities lovely food cultural sequences and superb desert sights overnight desert safari propositions a unique and will best memorable.

Advantages of overnight desert safari

One of the biggest advantages of overnight desert safari is the expectation to spectator the amazing sunsets and mornings in the desert. An VIP desert safari is knowledge like no other say adventurers the opportunity to include themselves in the beauty and excitability of the desert. Another advantage of an overnight desert safari is the chance to go in a delicious environment. In addition to the wonderful natural beauty night safari Dubai also suggests a chance to experience traditional nomad culture and tradition.

Moreover the overnight desert safari allows contributors to divide from the interferences of everyday life and relax. Whether you are looking for an adventure cultural survey or simply a discontinuity beginning the tensions of daily life the Arabian desert adventures provide a perfect getaway into the restraint of the desert. Another advantage of an overnight desert safari is the chance to engage in a variety of thrilling activities that are certain to get the thrusting.

Overnight Desert Safari Dinner 

The overnight desert safari dinner is the best experience different any further offering a unique and best opportunity to see the beauty and culture of the Arabian desert. This trip combines adventure entertainment and good dining under the stars making it a must do activity for anyone staying in the country people. Arabian nights desert safari dinner offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature culture and food in an outstanding way. It is a perfect adventure for entertaining and good dining making it a necessary knowledge for anyone visiting the Arabian desert. At night visitors can visit the Desert Safari Dubai location.

Overnight Desert Safari Camping


The overnight desert safari camp classically starts with a delightful turn where expert drivers take you on a heart drubbing ride through the massive dunes of the desert. This startling activity is sure to get you impelling and is a great way to boost the mood of your desert adventure. One of the things to enjoy at the luxury desert camp Dubai is the cooking of delicious supper of traditional Arabic people.

You can enjoy the best barbecue BBQ dinner with a variety of best beef and salads. One of the most attractive aspects of desert night camping is the opportunity to onlooker the stunning revolution of the desert as the sun sets. The desert night camp Dubai is the best adventure for everyone.

Overnight desert safari Dubai BBQ

When the other activities end  Overnight desert safari welcome you to our campsite for a BBQ dinner amidst the enchanting landscapes of Dubai. The BBQ dinner contains non-veg and veg items to suit everyone’s taste and palate. The menu is carefully designed to cater to all nationalities through Arabic and continental delights.

We provide separate dining options for the Jains, vegans and Kosher if informed in advance. So if you are one of them please inform us before you set out for the Dubai sand dune tour safari. Sitting under the vast shade of stars dining in the desert becomes more than just a meal. A communion with nature and a celebration of the cultural tapestry interwoven through Dubai’s history.

Overnight desert safari
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