Desert Safari | Desert Safari Tours Dubai 2024 | UAE Dubai

Desert Safari | Desert Safari Tours Dubai 2024 | UAE Dubai


Desert Safari Dubai is a large area of land which is covered by sand which is very attractive. Dubai’s site is mostly formed of sandy deserts along with gravel-filled deserts establish the southern region of the UAE which is Desert Safari. Its sand is clean, white, and fine, consisting of crushed shells and corals. Dubai Desert  in the adjacent sandy desert is a delightful and captivating experience. Dubai city is one of the most rich and modern of the Emirates in the UAE.


Type of Dubai Desert Safari tours:

Dubai Desert Safari adventure opportunities If you are confused about in which time you get .  You can book your visiting time according to your mood and taste, we have three shifts you can avail all three, you get special discount offer.  You can get one time shift. These are;

  • Morning Desert Safari
  • Evening Desert Safari
  • Overnight Desert Safari
  • Private Desert Safari
  • VIP Desert Safari

Morning Desert:

Desert safari tours Dubai offers about 20 minutes of thrilling dune bashing along with an electrifying camp journey where you can enjoy camel ride, quad biking and sand skiing. Due to a busy schedule, many people don’t get time to plan for an evening safari. Therefore, they can enjoy morning desert  which offers an interesting adventure tour. Morning safari can vary according to your package tour. On average, some of the companies offer about 2-hour package journey. It is the correct option for those who are not interested in dinner and camping.

Evening Desert Dubai: 


Dubai Desert Safari activity if you want to memories something for lifelong. Starting in the afternoon, you will have to rest at the first target near a camel farm. Get a chance to experience the sunset in the ocean of the desert; Get and drop off from your lodging , beautiful drive through the superb hills, An outright exhilarating hill-slamming meeting, A loosening-up camel ride, fascinating hip twirl show, An opportunity to take a stab at sandboarding, quad trekking and sand-boarding. Try out a beautiful henna design on hands and feet. Treat yourself in a mood of celebration with delicious barbecue and shisha. Watch a belly dancer performing on Arabic tunes right at the campsite.

Overnight Desert Dubai:


Dubai Desert safari  in night sky everyone is resting in the camp. Don’t forget to carry a camera to capture some recollections of sunrise in the sandy desert of Dubai. On this over-night desert try out henna designs, traditional costumes, and camel rides. After taking dinner, you can sit alone to feel the sound of wind striking to sand in the calm night. If you like dancing, watch a few steps of belly dance performer. Enjoy dune bashing and sand skiing. Don’t forget to take sleeping bags and blankets for a night stay. If you want to book any time Click Here;   UAE Dubai Tourism

Private Desert Safari:

Desert Tour Dubai facilitate you according to your taste, mood and how many visitor join and also we arrange private desert safari tour in which we arrange special deals, food, and adventure and luxuries photo-shoot which makes your tour very special and memorable. If you want to Book Private Desert Safari tour Click Here, Dubai City

And if you are our regular customer our company gives you special discount offers on special events, where you can enjoy with your family, friends.

VIP Desert Safari Dubai:

Dubai Desert Safari adventure does not end here, you can book VIP desert Dubai deal in which we serve delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner according to time and weather different adventure activities you can enjoy with full protocol.


Desert Safari packages:


Dubai Desert Safari packages depend on time how much you spend?  Facilities or adventures which you do during this time? Get on an exciting desert adventure and dune bashing experience, venture deep into the desert riding a camel, and try desert events such as sand boarding and building a sandcastle. Next, the evening with a delightful dinner cooked over an open campfire. At last, you can join in cultural experiences at nightfall like henna painting and belly dancing.

If you want to get deals, packages, Click Here



Desert Safari Adventure:

Dubai Desert Safari is a six-hour tour of the desert. The journey starts from pick up point into 4×4 wheel drive. Be part of an amazing experience with  safari adventure in the form of self-drive Quad bike and dune buggies tour, dune bashing ride in the form of safari, where qualified drivers take you on a bumpy ride over the big red dunes.

The adrenaline rush is monitored by a visit to a traditional Bedouin camp, where you can adore camel rides, henna painting, and shisha smoking. A luxurious BBQ dinner is served while you watch attractive belly dance performance, fire dance and tanoura show under the starry sky. It is very difficult to select variety of adventurous desert trips. So, we divided into different categories’. 

Desert Safari Dubai Outfit:

Dubai  Desert safari is to opt for lightweight and breathable clothing we suggest how to dress for a, since daytime temperatures can definitely have the mercury bombardment for the skies. Your best play is to go for natural materials similar Linen and cotton and steer clear of synthetics. As stated, liable on the season, the desert can be pretty cold in the early sunrise hours and in the evening. So if you’re thinking about what to dress on a desert in the winter, this is where layers come in. You won’t go incorrect with bringing a comfortable light jacket, poncho, hoodie, or big shawl with you.

Make sure it’s easy and preferably closed-toe when marking for that winning dress code for a  safari Dubai. However you can of course slip into your favorite sandals or flip flops, you’ll possibly be most comfortable in a pair of sneakers or light boots. Closed-toe shoes will also make sure you won’t have sand sticking to your toes at all times.

In case you were wondering what to skip wearing on a desert Dubai, it probably goes without saying that stilettos and all high-heeled shoes for that difficulty are best used for a wonderful dinner you’ll surely be joining though in the magical city.



Desert Safari Dubai Price:

Desert Dubai We arrange all you service which you avail from our company, If you are with families, Universities trip, or get to getter with family we have special offer for you. During top vacation seasons, there can be heavy traffic on the desert streets, creating setbacks and burdens for travelers.

Dubai Desert Tour Ticket:


Dubai Desert  get offers and safe from any problem and want to facilitate you from our service book tickets early.  When you book your tickets please mention which type, service or adventure you want to do:

Books your Desert tickets now:



Best adventurous activities that you can book via UAE Desert Dubai:

Desert Safari offers all complete packages for different categories of safaris. We suggest that you try more popular safaris with our skillful expert drivers. Our safaris contain many supplementary options like:

  • Hot Air Balloon Dubai
  • Dune Buggy Dubai
  • Quad Biking Dubai
  • Scuba Diving Dubai
  • Kayaking in Dubai
  • Dune Bashing Dubai
  • Sand-Boarding Dubai
  • Camel Ride Dubai
  • BBQ dinner Dubai
  • Morning Safari
  • Evening Safari
  • Overnight Safari
  • Private Desert Safari
  • VIP Desert Safari
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