Desert Dubai | Dhow Cruise Dubai Tour 2024 | UAE Dubai

Desert Dubai | Dhow Cruise Dubai Tour 2024 | UAE Dubai


UAE Dubai Dhow Cruisе in Dubai is extraordinary and new way to explore the city’s stunning waterfront and iconic skyline. This distinctive еxpеriеncе combines luxury and modernism, with the Cruisе vessel containing large glass windows that provide unobstructed panoramic views of Dubai’s architectural marvels and vibrant urban landscape. Passengers on the Dhow Cruisе Dubai are treated to visual feast as they glide concluded the sparkling waters of Dubai Marina, passing by towеring skyscrapers and marina promenades brightened by the city’s dazzling lights. It’s a blend of superiority and spectacle, making it an ideal choice for those sееking a memorable and stylish way to rise the beauty of Dubai from the water, day or night.

UAE Dubai offering best glass cruise dinner trips with luxurious services. The trip will start at 8:00 pm with or without pickup from your Home/Hotel. The time approximation for tour is 3 hours daily. Dhow cruise marina will bring you straight to the Top charm of Dubai specially marina.

Dhow cruise marina:

UAE Dubai Luxury dhow cruise tour in Dubai is an amazing trip for sightseeing of Marina Dubai area near deep Sea. Can you visualize a moonlight night with the attractive dhow cruise marina sight seen view makes you crazy.

It’s the well-known and most pleasurable trip in Dubai Sea by the dhow; make happy you with mouthwatering buffet dinner food and soft drink, live Arabian show. It’s a great live entertaining with the golden chance to see the gorgeous sights of Dubai Marina Areas.

You’ll feel extra romantic tour together with your spouse. If you want to enjoy this opportunity in dhow cruise Dubai.



Glass Cruise Dinner:

UAE Dubai our corporation offers best Dubai marina rock dinner with delightful & awesome dinner while enjoying Amazing Trip of marina Dubai sights. The Dinner menu contains some best and oriental advanced dinner prepared by expert cooks with grateful cold drinks for free. BBQ is ready in time on board. You need to just on chairs and enjoy best Entertainment with Arabian Music. We also offer to enjoy Sheesh, traditional Arabic water pipe in a number of tastes while sitting on board.

Trip including followings:

  • Car parking
  • Welcome drinks
  • 2 hours cruising
  • Music and entertainment
  • Beautiful ambiance
  • Unlimited soft drinks


  • Marina skyscrapers
  • Marina canal including
  • Marina mall pier 7
  • Twisted tower inside the canal and outside Dubai eyes
  • Jumeirah beach and more

Private Glass Cruisе in Dubai Marina:

UAE Dubai facilitate you allowing to your taste, mood and how many visitor join and also we organize private tour in which we arrange special deals, food, and exploit and luxuries photo-shoot which makes your tour very special and memorable. If you want to Book Private Glass Cruisе in Dubai Marina tour Click Here, Desert Dubai

And if you are our regular customer our company gives you special discount offers on special events, where you can enjoy with your family, friends.

VIP Glass Cruisе in Dubai Marina:

UAE Dubai Glass Cruisе in Dubai Marina adventure does not end here, you can book VIP Glass Cruisе in Dubai Marina deal in which we serve delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner according to time and weather different adventure activities you can enjoy with full protocol.


International Standard Dinner:

UAE Dubai trip is an evening time trip would be not finalized without having a dinner. For that we have decided international standard 4 star dinner services for all the tourists according to their taste and demand. There will be two completely separated lots having vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes including all the well-known Central Asia and traditional Arabic dishes.

Dream night tourism Dubai suggestions you the wide range of tour services in Dubai with marina dhow cruise Dubai, desert Dubai tours, morning, evening & overnight desert safari, Dubai city tour, Hatta mountain tour, Abu Dhabi tour & quad bike or buggy ride services.

Best Time to Visit Glass Cruisе in Dubai Marina:

UAE Dubai, The best time to take a cruise outing to Dubai depends on the expanse you want to explore and the definite experiences you’re seeking.

The best time to visit UAE Dubai is normally during its winter months, which time from November to April. This period offers the most relaxed weather for outdoor activities, with temperatures going from the mid-20s to low 30s degrees Celsius (mid-70s to low 90s Fahrenheit). The skies are clear, and rainfall is rare during these months, making it ideal for exploring the city’s iconic landmarks, loving outdoor dining, and taking part in desert Dubai explorations like dune bashing and camel rides. Moreover,  Desert Dubai hosts several festivals and events during this time, adding cultural and entertainment options to your tour.

It’s also important to consider factors like local holidays, festivals and peak tourist seasons. It’s always a good idea to access with one of our cruise agents who will give you the best advice.

UAE  Dubai Dhow Cruise Dubai Outfit:

UAE Dubai is to opt for lightweight and breathable clothing we suggest how to dress for a, since daytime temperatures can definitely have the mercury bombardment for the skies. Your best play is to go for natural materials similar Linen and cotton and steer clear of synthetics. As stated, liable on the season, the desert can be pretty cold in the early sunrise hours and in the evening. So if you’re thinking about what to dress on a desert safari in the winter, this is where layers come in. You won’t go incorrect with bringing a comfortable light jacket, poncho, hoodie, or big shawl with you.

Make sure it’s easy and preferably closed-toe when marking for that winning dress code for a desert safari Dubai. However you can of course slip into your favorite sandals or flip flops, you’ll possibly be most comfortable in a pair of sneakers or light boots. Closed-toe shoes will also make sure you won’t have sand sticking to your toes at all times.

In case you were wondering what to skip wearing on a desert safari Dubai, it probably goes without saying that stilettos and all high-heeled shoes for that difficulty are best used for a wonderful dinner you’ll surely be joining though in the magical city.


Dhow Cruisе in UAE Dubai Price:

UAE Dubai dhow Cruisе Marina ,We arrange all you service which you avail from our company, If you are with families, Universities trip, or get to getter with family we have special offer for you. During top vacation seasons, there can be heavy traffic on the Glass Cruisе in Dubai Marina desert streets, creating setbacks and burdens for travelers.


UAE Dubai Glass Cruisе in Dubai Marina Dubai Tickets:

UAE Dubai , If you want to get offers and safe from any problem and want to facilitate you from our service book tickets early.  When you book your tickets please mention which type, service or adventure you want to do:

Books your UAE Dubai Tour tickets now:






UAE Dubai Tour Terms and conditions:

UAE Dubai, you must follow some rules regulation to enjoy your trip  Desert Dubai without any complication.

Cancellation Strategy:

Cancellations made within 24 hours of the planned tour are non-refundable. Previous cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee.

Weather Circumstances:

Accomplishments may be subject to change or cancellation in case of adverse weather situations for the safety of members.

Age Limitations:

Some activities may have age restrictions, and adults must continually attend children.




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